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Solid Waste

Our drivers must start their residential routes at 6:00am to avoid as much traffic as possible. Drivers would not be able to complete their routes in an 8-hour shift if they started any later. Please notify our office if you notice your driver working any earlier than 6am. We apologize if this is ever causes a disturbance for some of our customers. Drivers are trained to operate as quietly as possible and despite being modern and state-of-the-art our trucks are none the less noisy

20 gallons is the smallest cart that is made to function with the tipping arm on a garbage truck. Automated trucks do not allow carts to be dumped by hand because the hopper is located high on the truck. Additionally, even if a smaller cart were available, the only portion of the rate that would be less would be the disposal portion and the difference in the disposal cost between a 20 gallon can and anything smaller would only be a few cents per month.

Yes, we offer a cart cleaning service. For $40.00 we will replace your old dirty cart with a clean used replacement cart.

Green Waste

Yes, all food scraps and food soiled paper are now accepted via the weekly green waste collection program, and customers are required to properly sort food scraps into their green waste container.

El Cerrito residents can request their free food scraps pail to be delivered to their home by calling 510-215-4350 or emailing [email protected] or stopping into the Recycling Center main offices, located at 7501 Schmidt Lane, during normal office hours.

Raccoons and other pests are also attracted to food scraps that you currently put in your garbage cart; simply use the same methods to keep them out of your yard waste cart as you do currently.

Exposed food scraps will tend to attract fruit flies, ants, and other insects if left uncovered. There are several ways to manage this problem, including: covering your food scraps with grass clipping or other yard debris, putting your food scraps in paper bags or wrapping them in other compost-safe paper (i.e. brown paper, butcher paper, and possibly newspaper), and putting your food scraps in approved compostable liners or bags (specifics still being determined).

City staff will take complaints about nuisances resulting from mis-management of compostable materials seriously and will investigate reports about smells or pest issues and take appropriate code enforcement action.

Participation in the organics (Green Waste) recycling program is required under State law (Senate Bill 1383, 2016) and the City of El Cerrito’s municipal code.


Yes, El Cerrito’s long-time drop-off Recycling Center has reopened as the new Recycling and Environmental Resource Center at the end of Schmidt Lane.

For a complete list of where to recycle what, visit StopWaste.org Curbside Service Information for El Cerrito.

The El Cerrito Recycling Center does not do buy-back for any recyclable materials.

Go to www.bottlesandcans.com to search for a facility near you that redeems California Redemption Value (CRV) glass, plastic, and aluminum beverage containers.

You can also visit the Contra Costa County database of recyclers to look up particular items.

NO — at this time we are not accepting hardblock, white Expanded Polystyrene / EPS / Styrofoam at the Recycling Center. Check the RecycleWhere? website for possible alternatives.

The City of El Cerrito owns and operates the curbside collection of recyclables from all homes, businesses, and multi-family dwellings within the City. Visit their website to learn more about Recycling Collection in El Cerrito, or call 510-215-4350 or  email [email protected].

What Goes in What Cart?

Visit these pages for specific guidelines about what goes in each of your curbside carts.





You can also check out our Material Guides (pdf downloads available in English, Spanish, and Chinese).

Still need help? We are happy to answer any of your questions! Visit our Support page to contact us.


We have been serving the El Cerrito Community for 80 years. The residents of El Cerrito can take pride in the fact that they are participating in a premier and cutting-edge waste management system and that East Bay Sanitary is working very hard to manage our resources and preserve our environment in the best ways possible.

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